Transformers ROTF...


I personally loved it...I went into it knowing that it was going to have its issues so with that in mind i liked it

yes the final battle could have been longer, to me this movie pulled a !986...the first big fight with prime was the one you remember best.

i think it was a summer blockbuster film, made to make money...with hopeful approval from the fans

better than the first and is nice for casual movie goers.

Oh forgot Devastator

I think Hasbro made an accurate TF figure(will i buy it , hell no) the Transformers the made hime never transformed....the individual bots did not transform to vehicle mode. plot hole yes, make sense vaguely, do i care not that much.

I think that the 6 vehicles had no robot mode but had to combine to be in robot mode (similar to the Energon combiners)

Skids and MudFlap

some of there line were a tad over the top like :

yeah, look who came back...Hey look he scared like a pussy"

"Hey man that hurt. its supposed to hurt, its an ass woopin' " personally I found that one was funny

"shut yo bitch ass up"

not a stereotype, in the first film they learned all earths languages over the internet...if you are net savi then you know the ebonics is widespread on the web